Happy New Year 2019!

Dear ICI friends. Now is the time of year when we look back and remember once again how interesting and rewarding our work has been over the last year. We remember all those great and enthusiastic participants in our courses who certainly give us hope for the future. We see teachers who strive for the well being and learning opportunities of their diverse groups of learners. We see project partners and associates who work hard at fighting prejudice, discrimination and racism in their everyday work and life. All this makes us, the ICI team, hopeful for the future generations, even though it doesn’t always look bright in the world’s politics at the moment. Together we try to take chicken steps (that’s what it’s called in Icelandic

INAR, but project coming to an end

The complete training package is now complete in English, Romanian, German and Icelandic. The Trainer Handbook containing a 4 hour and a 8 hour module, support information and activities to enable training to be modified for specific target groups and QR code links to video content is here:…/WPLBN0100003074-I-m-Not-a-Racis…

Video content with subtitles in English, Romanian, German and Icelandic is here:

And the Facebook Game on Facts and Myths about Immigration is here:…/inar-test-quiz-version-3-dup

Please share any experiences of using any or all of these materials on our Facebook page.


INAR, but… conference in Bucharest

On June 1. we will hold our first dissemination conference and the location is Bucharest, Romania.

Beolw you can see the program but as we seem to have many people interested it is nessesary to contact our project partner Silvu. His e-mail address is:


INAR fb game

As well as being busy on our courses this spring, the ICI team has also been busy working on the outputs of our INAR project and now the first intellectual output for the INAR project is finished and published - the Facebook game on myths and facts about migration. If you follow this link you should be able to do a little fact check on the issue. You can find the game here

2017 survey report

We all know that joining a course in a new place and meeting up with great people from all over Europe can be such an exciting and fulfilling experience but then when we get back home to our everyday life and teaching, we fall back into doing things the way we always have done.

That’s why we like to know from our course participants, at the end of the year, how much they actually used the methods introduced during the courses and how useful the content has been for them in their work.

Here you can see the outcome of the 2017 survey and we must say – we can’t be happier with the outcome! All participants in the survey (100 random participants were sent the survey and 69 answered) said that they had used most or some of the ideas they learned on the course and when asked to rate how well the ideas and practices worked out (from 1-5) 98% gave it a 4 or a 5.

We are very happy with the result and look forward keeping up offering our courses the best we can!

Autumn courses started

Autumn has arrived and so have the Erasmus+ courses. We just finished the Sensitization training course (Course 33, you can read the description on our website) with 26 participants from all over Europe and below we share some comments from the evaluation form. They were a great group, very hard working and enthusiastic, well… as all our participants really.We look forward welcoming the next group next week already and then it will be intercultural- and outdoor education for kindergarten teachers.

• It was much better than expectations. I have been to courses before but they were not this 'hands on'
• I long to go back and implement what I have learned at my school
• I should say that you are both pioneers in what you are doing. You apply complex theories to practice and that’s what we want! Keep on
• The teaching methods were progressive, democratic and useful. Flexible and adaptable to students of all ages as well as adults
• The approach to the theme of the seminar was sincere and precise and I do believe that the attitude of the trainer shed a new and interesting light to it all. I found the activities to be very effective
• This was a very special week in my life which has changed a lot. I feel enriched by the course and by you two, by the feelings and challenging thoughts this week
• Everything that I have experienced this week will not only change the way I teach but also how I behave and think about others. It has really changed my life
• Gudrun is a professional. Everything she teaches is a combination of theoretical background and practice. Everything is tested that it works in practice and then it is taught - I liked that she never preached what is right and what is wrong
• I want more seminars like this now I am thinking more about anti racism and discrimination, how to recognise it and how to react
• During the course I thought often about my way of teaching and I realised that almost the subject is the focus of my lesson so after the course I really want to change my teaching and speak more often of the problems of my students


INAR, but… website

Our INAR, but... project is going wery well and with such great partners, Erasmus+ projects are a real plesure to work on.

We have now opened the INAR website, you can find it here:

We also have a fb site for the project which you can find here.

At the moment there are only information about the project on the website but as the support materials develop, they will be made avaliable on the website.


Courses, courses, courses…

We have been very busy this spring with courses here in Iceland with participants from all over Europe, joining the different ICI courses. Last week we had a course in Germany for the Kommunale Integrationszentren (LaKI) in Dortmund and then we had a INAR, but ... meeting and training. You can reed more about the project on the INAR fb side.


Courses for 2018

We must think far in advance and so do you if you plan to apply for an Erasmus+ KA1 funding. That’s why we have already published our courses for 2018. We hope you find something you like there and we will see you here in Iceland on one of our courses!

You can find the overview of all courses 2017 and 2018 here

Post Course Survey

Even though all participants on all courses are invited to give feedback on the final day of the course, this is anonymous and paper based and focuses on the specifics of the course undertaken including accommodation, administration and course content. We also get a lot of individual feedback from enthusiastic participants who tell us that the ideas and methods that we are introducing and training “really work!” but we have never until now taken the step to make a thorough survey to find out how useful our training has been for the long run. That’s why we decided at the end of year 2016 to run an electronic survey seeking feedback post course. The survey was sent to all participants that joined our courses for the last 5 year which allows data to be gathered on the application of the methods and allows participants to feedback after practice and reflection.  This second survey allows a degree of impact to be measured. From now on this will be part of ICI’s yearly report.

HERE you can see the main outcome of our survey.

We also want to use the opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year with good health, more peace and equity and also a good share of laughter and joy!

ICI Team