Creative in Difference. Creative Approaches in Diversity Training

The project was a Grundtvig learning partnership project and lasted from 2009-2001

Aims of the project:

The aim of this partnership was to develop a new and innovative training concept for increasing people’s awareness for individual and social mechanisms of exclusion and discrimination and to promote the idea of diversity as a benefit and strength for our societies through extraordinary methods.

Currently it is a problem that many training offers of adult education institutions or of independent trainers aiming at sensitizing for diversity (including gender-trainings, anti-discrimination trainings, intercultural trainings etc.) often follow a similar structure and concept and neither take sufficiently into account the individual ways of learning of adults, nor the cultural, regional or social differences between different European societies. But for encouraging diversity and raising people’s awareness for discrimination and social exclusion, subject-oriented and experience-based approaches, applicable to diverse settings of institutions, target groups and different cultural/social contexts, are highly needed in Europe.

Therefore, a diverse group of institutions/individuals from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds all over Europe work together on an approach to diversity training that is creative, experience-based, process-oriented and context-sensitive.

In the end the partnership developed a five hour training program that was then tried out with a pilot group in Wales.