2. meeting in Dortmund

On 12th - 14th of June we had our 2nd meeting of the INAR, but… project, organized by Chancengleich in Europa e.v. in Dortmund, Germany.
This time it was not just a meeting but we also had our trial course module with expert trainers attending from the partner organization for feedback and evaluation. The course was filmed by a professional filmmaker, Ross Bull and will of course be published here when its ready.
We are very thankful to the expert trainers for their input and feedback which will help us create support materials for all trainers and teachers who want to add training on everyday racism and discrimination to their training offer or just to prepare for their already existing training on the topic.

During our trial training in Dortmund we had some experts from our partner organizations. Here an interesting blog from Zandra, one of the Scottish trainers: http://www.crer.scot/single-post/2017/06/27/CRER-in-Dortmund

After the trial module, we had another day of filming and in the end a good project meeting with discussions about the previous days and the next steps in the project. We are on good track: modules almost ready, handbook on its way and film being edited. We look forward sharing the outcomes here when its ready.