Sensitisation: Solidarity through information

We are offering three sessions of an online course that is meant for everyone interested in the topics of diversity, prejudice, everyday racism etc. We think the course could be especially useful for teachers and trainers and could example be interesting for those of you who joined other ICI courses than the Sensitisation training. But it can also be interesting and useful for other school staff or colleagues that won’t be able to come to Iceland in the future for an in person course. Even on line – it will be active and cooperative. If schools or organisations register 10 participants or more they will get a 25% discount.

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Welcome 2021

At the end of each year, the ICI team write a few words about what has happened during that year and usually we have a lot to say. This year it’s a bit different.
We managed to run three courses at the beginning of the year. The last one taking place in the first week of March. By then things had already started to look bad, especially for Italy where a group of participants had to cancel their participation because of the epidemic. It soon became apparent there would likely be no European courses for the rest of the year.
We offered (and still do) online follow-up courses for previous participants, which we are happy to say have been very well received by the enthusiastic participants. And, not to forget, we joined two new and interesting KA2 projects: Simply Included -
and ITTS: International Teachers for Tomorrow’s Schools -
This has been a challenging year for everyone. Teachers and trainers especially have been challenged with changing their teaching approaches almost overnight – not because they think these are better approaches for their learners but because they have had few alternatives to choose from and had to adapt to the circumstances. They have shown unbelievable flexibility, creativity and resilience which are all skills that our learners need for life. So thumbs up for teachers and trainers!
We now look optimistically to better times. We hope that the vaccine will make its magic and that we will see you or your colleagues or other teachers and trainers from all over Europe on our courses again next year. We will be prepared and ready and luckily, we are already getting questions and applications from schools and organizations that want to join us next year.
At the end of the year we often like to check our statistics (we are sociologists after all ????) We have sometimes sent out questioners to find out if our approaches have turned out to be useful to the participants and sometimes we go over the evaluation sheets again and post some encouraging words that we have seen there but this year we just looked at the numbers of participants through the years. Below you can see those statistics.
It is interesting to see how events in society are reflected in our numbers. In 2007, when the economic crisis started the numbers go down and again in 2014 when Erasmus+ took over from Grundtvig, Comenius and Leonardo programs and nobody really knew how to apply ???? and then of course 2020 is obvious.
We also checked the number of countries where the participants came from each year. One of the main changes over time is that the geographical diversity of participants was greater when applications were made by individuals rather than institutions.
We wish you all the best for 2021 in good health for you and your families and hopefully we will all continue to do our best to change the world together for the better!
ICI Team (Guðrún, Cherry and Sólveig)


Two on-line courses this summer

ICI will offer two on-line courses this summer.

Course I - Title: Group worthy tasks for cooperative learning in diverse classrooms. Participants: Former participants on the ICI courses: “Diverse Society – Diverse Classrooms”, “Reaching, Teaching and Keeping our learners” “Creative Assessment for the 21st century”

Course II - Title: Using creative cooperative learning tasks during a Sensitization training on racism, discrimination, migration etc. Participants: Former participants on the ICI course Sensitisation training with reference to migration, racism, discrimination, culture and diversity with strategies for teaching these issues to diverse age groups.

If you want to register to either of those courses, please contact Guðrún ( and she will finalize the registration and send you further information about the course.

Cancelled courses due to COVID 19 virus

It is with great regret that we have to announce that our courses for April and May 2020 have now been postponed.

All participants on these courses have been informed of this decision.

Whilst Iceland is not under any travel restrictions nor is it considered a high risk area we have taken the decision due to the nature of our groups coming from across Europe and an ever changing scenario meaning that some might have to deal with last minute changes and travel restrictions.

We also wish to be pro active and ethical in our approach to playing our role in infection control under the area of gatherings of people.

We hope that you understand that our decision has been made in the best interests of our participants.

Happy New Year 2020

One more ICI year has come to an end – almost 17 years since we started it in 2003. We have met so many interesting and open-minded people since then and in 2019 we gave 9 courses for European participants from all over Europe and several courses for Icelandic schools and workplaces.
We also finished our Im Not a Racist, but… project and we were pleased to receive a best practice award from the NA for it. We are actually very proud of this project ourselves.

What never ceases to amaze us and give us so much hope for the learners of Europe are all the enthusiastic teachers and trainers, full of ideas and will to try to do everything they can to truly improve their learners wellbeing and motivation to learn.

We thank you so much for all the good moments together in 2019 and in all the past 16 years too. We thank you for the supportive and encouraging words that you shared for us, they really give us motivation to keep on with the ICI work.
We wish all ICI friends and colleagues a great 2020 with lots of happiness and achievements towards your personal goals and of course with lots of fun too! We hope to see you all here again one day


Happy New Year 2019!

Dear ICI friends. Now is the time of year when we look back and remember once again how interesting and rewarding our work has been over the last year. We remember all those great and enthusiastic participants in our courses who certainly give us hope for the future. We see teachers who strive for the well being and learning opportunities of their diverse groups of learners. We see project partners and associates who work hard at fighting prejudice, discrimination and racism in their everyday work and life. All this makes us, the ICI team, hopeful for the future generations, even though it doesn’t always look bright in the world’s politics at the moment. Together we try to take chicken steps (that’s what it’s called in Icelandic

INAR, but project coming to an end

The complete training package is now complete in English, Romanian, German and Icelandic. The Trainer Handbook containing a 4 hour and a 8 hour module, support information and activities to enable training to be modified for specific target groups and QR code links to video content is here:…/WPLBN0100003074-I-m-Not-a-Racis…

Video content with subtitles in English, Romanian, German and Icelandic is here:

And the Facebook Game on Facts and Myths about Immigration is here:…/inar-test-quiz-version-3-dup

Please share any experiences of using any or all of these materials on our Facebook page.


INAR, but… conference in Bucharest

On June 1. we will hold our first dissemination conference and the location is Bucharest, Romania.

Beolw you can see the program but as we seem to have many people interested it is nessesary to contact our project partner Silvu. His e-mail address is:


INAR fb game

As well as being busy on our courses this spring, the ICI team has also been busy working on the outputs of our INAR project and now the first intellectual output for the INAR project is finished and published - the Facebook game on myths and facts about migration. If you follow this link you should be able to do a little fact check on the issue. You can find the game here

2017 survey report

We all know that joining a course in a new place and meeting up with great people from all over Europe can be such an exciting and fulfilling experience but then when we get back home to our everyday life and teaching, we fall back into doing things the way we always have done.

That’s why we like to know from our course participants, at the end of the year, how much they actually used the methods introduced during the courses and how useful the content has been for them in their work.

Here you can see the outcome of the 2017 survey and we must say – we can’t be happier with the outcome! All participants in the survey (100 random participants were sent the survey and 69 answered) said that they had used most or some of the ideas they learned on the course and when asked to rate how well the ideas and practices worked out (from 1-5) 98% gave it a 4 or a 5.

We are very happy with the result and look forward keeping up offering our courses the best we can!