Three new projects

Who knew that our course in Borgarnes in March 2020 would be the last for such a long time?  Certainly not us and our life without our courses and participants took some getting used to as we are all about the ‘face to face’ interaction – and zoom faces just are not the same.   However, we were able to offer some online training, a new venture for ICI and it was well received by those who undertook it.  Skills were upskilled!  As Iceland moves out of Covid measures we hope that later in the year we will be back in Borgarnes with our participants doing what we love best.

In other news we started two new Erasmus Plus projects which we will contribute to and learn from:

International Teachers for Tomorrows Schools (ITTS) is a project led by the University of Bielefeld with partners from University of Leven, Belgium, Panepistimio Aigaiou, Greece, University of Mariboru, Slovenia, Izmir University, Turkey and Akademia Pomorsk, Poland and ICI.  The aim of the project is to provide support for sustainable integration and inclusion of teachers with a refugee background in schools.  The early stages of the project include transnational stocktaking with a survey which is currently under test stage.  This will inform the materials that will be produced to support the aim and have four target groups: Teachers with refugee background and international teachers, Teachers, mentors and principals of schools, Teacher training students and lecturers in teacher training at universities.   ICIs key role will be to provide training to the partners to ensure that Intercultural considerations underpin the project content and direction.

You can find the project fb link here

Practical Skills with Digital Technologies in Teacher Education (D Eva) led by the University of Barcelona with partners from Stichting Hogeschool Van Amsterdam, University of Timisoara and ICI.   This project has a focus the pillars of People; Organisatons; Interactions; Resources and Digital Gap.  It seeks to support innovative assessment practice in teacher training and support educators and leaders to improve skills and bridge gaps in assessment practice for both students and academics in Higher Education.  E assessment resources will be developed to secure authentic, sustainable and effective student assessment of work and build technical capacity to use e assessment in a coherent way.  Importantly it aims to equip universities with mechanisms to make positive changes and organically incorporate digital solutions. ICIs key role here will also be to provide training for the partners with main focus on creative assessment methods for diverse groups of learners.

The third project is called Nurturing Creativity in Education but this project is just starting and we will share more information about it soon

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