The CLIEC project

CLIEC - Cooperative learning in European Context - 2001 - 2004 - Comenius multilateral project

CLIEC aims at the implementation of intercultural education, the CLIM-method and CLIM-units in the participating countries (Poland, Iceland and Spain). The goal is to make the existing CLIM-units workable in other contexts. Therefore we bring together a mixed group of teacher trainers in order to

(1) get them acquainted with the CLIM-units and the underlying theory by means of practical experience

(2) explore the possibilities in the proper contexts

(3) make adjustments to the CLIM-units without ignoring the underlying theory.

Of every participating country three to five teacher trainers participated in the seminars, held at the Centre of Intercultural Education, Ghent University.

The setup of the project is cyclic.

In the first year of the project the in-depth training on the CLIM-method and the adjustments made on the first CLIM-unit enable the teacher trainers to train a staff of teachers of primary schools.

Every year of the project there was a follow up seminar in order to introduce new CLIM-units to the teacher trainers and the teachers. The CLIM-units were also improved by means of evaluation and reflection while and after using them in different contexts and situations. The evaluation of the CLIM-units in practice was done by means of conducting a survey with open questions for the teacher trainers, teachers and pupils. This means that every participant will contribute to the further development of the CLIM-units.


The following institutions participate in the CLIEC-project, for more information we refer to their websites:

Centre for Intercultural Education – Ghent University –


Laboratorio de Estudios Interculturales, University of Granada, Spain  - 


InterCultural Iceland


Centre for Citizenship Education, Warsaw, Poland


Centre for European Studies, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland