European projects

ICI is in good co-operation with Icelandic and European organizations, which are active in the research and the development of new projects in the field of intercultural education, intercultural society, teachers training, migration etc. ICI has participated in several European projects since 2003.

Here some excamples of projects that ICI has coordinated or participated in:

INAR - Im not a racist, but...(2016 - 2018) Erasmus+ KA2, ICI coordinators

VOCOL - Vocational Cooperative Learning Triangles (2016 - 2016) Erasmus+ KA2

Everyday racism at the workplace -  How does it feel? What can we do?  ERAW (2012— 2014) Leonardo partnership, ICI coordinators

Strategies to Encourage Retention in Vocational Education (2009— 2011) Leonardo da Vinci partnership

Creative in Difference. Creative Approaches in Diversity Training (2009— 2011) Grundtvig partnership

Ways to foster entrepreneurial mindsets in an intercultural contexti (2007— 2009) Grundtvig partnership, ICI coordinators

CLIEC - Cooperative learning in European context  (2001— 2004) Comenius multilateral project