ICI for 20 years!

Twenty years ago to the day ICI was officially founded! From that 7th of April 2003 we have continuously worked with teachers and trainers from all over to give them the opportunity to think about, discuss and practice different ways of giving our diverse groups of learners equal access to the learning process and structures that make more learners feel appreciated and enjoying learning. All our courses work in some way or another towards the fight against discrimination and racism through education and training. I really have no idea how many people we have trained by now but almost on every course there is someone who was on a different course before and is joining us again.
Today I was lucky to celebrate our 20 ICI years with this very nice and enthusiastic group of participants where one more person stated, “this course has really been life changing for me”. It makes us, the ICI team very happy that our work has been and still is appreciated by all of our participants. At least the evaluation sheets are always 100% positive!

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