On-line Courses Flex

ICI offered two on-line courses this summer. The courses were only accessible to former participants of in-person ICI courses. Because of very positive feedback from the participants on the on-line courses we will now offer two new courses for distance learning in a somewhat changed form.

This time the courses will be ongoing so participants can register whenever they want and after registration they will be sent a link to a Dropbox folder and an invitation to a Microsoft Teams platform. From then on they have access to all the course materials and trainers for feedback and clarifications for 3 months.

The two courses being offered are:

Course I FLEX - Title: Group worthy tasks for cooperative learning in diverse classrooms. Participants: 

Former participants on the ICI courses:

                     “Diverse Society – Diverse Classrooms”,

                     “Reaching, Teaching and Keeping our learners”

                     “Creative Assessment for the 21st century”

                     “Learning outside - Living together, learning together, working together. Special focus on outdoor activities”    


Course II FLEX - Title: Using creative cooperative learning tasks during a Sensitization training on racism, discrimination, migration etc. Participants:

Former participants on the ICI course “Sensitisation training with reference to migration, racism, discrimination, culture and diversity with strategies for teaching these issues to diverse age groups”.

If you have joined one of our courses and would like to register to one of the ongoing flexible distance learning courses, please send an e-mail to Guðrún (gudrun@ici.is), mention for which of the two courses you would like to register to and which ICI course you previously joined. She will then send you further information.