Happy New Year 2020

One more ICI year has come to an end – almost 17 years since we started it in 2003. We have met so many interesting and open-minded people since then and in 2019 we gave 9 courses for European participants from all over Europe and several courses for Icelandic schools and workplaces.
We also finished our Im Not a Racist, but… project and we were pleased to receive a best practice award from the NA for it. We are actually very proud of this project ourselves.

What never ceases to amaze us and give us so much hope for the learners of Europe are all the enthusiastic teachers and trainers, full of ideas and will to try to do everything they can to truly improve their learners wellbeing and motivation to learn.

We thank you so much for all the good moments together in 2019 and in all the past 16 years too. We thank you for the supportive and encouraging words that you shared for us, they really give us motivation to keep on with the ICI work.
We wish all ICI friends and colleagues a great 2020 with lots of happiness and achievements towards your personal goals and of course with lots of fun too! We hope to see you all here again one day

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