New course program for 2017

Now our courses for 2017 have been published at last and we sure hope to see some of you here either next year or 2017. The deadline for application for Erasmus+ KA1 funding is on 2. February 2016. You can find more information about each course by placing the cursor over the link "Courses and education" on this website.

You can see the new program here

Here in Iceland we received 137 participants in year 2015 from 18 different European countries and below you can see some of the feedback that we got from them after the courses. We also gave several courses in other countries, mainly in Romania, which was also a very positive experience for us.

"The course will change my life as a teacher. My way of thinking." Eva from Sweden

"I agree, Eva. And the students appreciate it!" Kurt from Denmark

"The cooperative learning has become for me an excellent tool to work with the students. They were students who usually didn't work, most of them older than the usual students at these educational level. It was a group that no other teacher wanted to work with. So, it was an opportunity to use these methods to try to connect with them. And most of the time they worked. Indeed, when I finished the lessons with this group on February, they asked me to continue working with them." Sebastia from Spain

"I would like to thank you for everything. Today I tried some of the techniques in my classroom; they asked me to continue the lessons in this way. It really works, you know?
Keep on illuminating the teachers" - Eleni from Greece

"Dear Gudrun, Iceland was really an amazing experience.  I’ve learned so much at your course, as a group we learned so much from each other. You showed us the beauty of Iceland, I hope to come back some day." Leen from Belgium

...and of course many many more warm words that we, the ICI team, are very very thankful for!

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