Entrepreneurship Workshop

New people – New ideas

Entrepreneurship Workshop

26th to 30th September 17.00 – 20.00

This FREE evening workshop is for migrants who wish to consider starting their own business or organization in Iceland.  Why for migrants? Migrants bring with them considerable knowledge, experience and new ideas from their home countries which may differ from the ones of Icelanders. The workshop has the aim to stimulate those extraordinary competences and give migrants the opportunity to use their ideas to start something new. The topics covered will be:

Researching and developing ideas, goal setting and planning, product development, market research and marketing, finance, promotion and sales techniques.
Understanding of the life and work of entrepreneurs

Insights into the world of business in Iceland and the basic methods of how to start and operate a business or non-profit project

The language of instruction will be Icelandic and English (basics in one of the languages necessary)


There is no charge for this workshop and only 20 applicants will be accepted. All participants have to agree to join all workshop days if they are accepted to the workshop.  Application deadline is September 15th.

If you wish to register or have questions, please e-mail: . Please add to your registration: Full name, address, mobile number, nationality and ID (Kennitala).

Main trainer on the workshop is G. Ágúst Pétursson, specialist in entrepreneurship training.

If you want to hang up the flyer, you can get it here

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