Autumn courses started

Autumn has arrived and so have the Erasmus+ courses. We just finished the Sensitization training course (Course 33, you can read the description on our website) with 26 participants from all over Europe and below we share some comments from the evaluation form. They were a great group, very hard working and enthusiastic, well… as all our participants really.We look forward welcoming the next group next week already and then it will be intercultural- and outdoor education for kindergarten teachers.

• It was much better than expectations. I have been to courses before but they were not this 'hands on'
• I long to go back and implement what I have learned at my school
• I should say that you are both pioneers in what you are doing. You apply complex theories to practice and that’s what we want! Keep on
• The teaching methods were progressive, democratic and useful. Flexible and adaptable to students of all ages as well as adults
• The approach to the theme of the seminar was sincere and precise and I do believe that the attitude of the trainer shed a new and interesting light to it all. I found the activities to be very effective
• This was a very special week in my life which has changed a lot. I feel enriched by the course and by you two, by the feelings and challenging thoughts this week
• Everything that I have experienced this week will not only change the way I teach but also how I behave and think about others. It has really changed my life
• Gudrun is a professional. Everything she teaches is a combination of theoretical background and practice. Everything is tested that it works in practice and then it is taught - I liked that she never preached what is right and what is wrong
• I want more seminars like this now I am thinking more about anti racism and discrimination, how to recognise it and how to react
• During the course I thought often about my way of teaching and I realised that almost the subject is the focus of my lesson so after the course I really want to change my teaching and speak more often of the problems of my students

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