On-line: Sensitisation: Solidarity through information

Can we do something against prejudice, discrimination, and racism? The first step is always to get informed.

 ICI offers a short on-line Awareness Training about Culture, Diversity, Discrimination, Racism and Everyday discrimination/racism.

Participants: Everyone interested in the topic. Especially useful for teachers and trainers who could use similar approaches with their students as a preparation for a more   in depth approach in the classroom or workplace.

Place: The course takes place on-line on Zoom.


Time: We will offer three courses, each consisting of 3 times 3 hours on Zoom.

                        The dates available are:

                        22., 24. and 26. February from 13.30 – 16.30 Central European Time (CET)

                        12., 14. and 16. April from 13.30 – 16.30 Central European Time (CET)

                        19., 20. and 22. April from 13.30 – 16.30 Central European Time (CET)



That teachers/trainers/participants become aware and sensitive about issues such as interculturalism, diversity, stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination and racism and everyday racism
That teachers/trainers/participants have thought about reactions towards discrimination and racism
That teachers/trainers/participants have practiced discussing the important topics on-line and get ideas for their own teaching/training

Methods: The course consists of interactive lectures, pair and group work and presentations. Even on line – it will be active and cooperative.

Preparation: All participants must ensure that they have Zoom installed on their computers with speakers, microphone and camera functioning. They must send payment via bank transfer to the ICI account and a receipt of payment to Guðrún (gudrun@ici.is) They will then receive a receipt from ICI if they wish.

Certification: Participants will receive an ICI certificate of participation if they wish.

Price: 120 Euro pro person. Included in the price is course fee, course presentations and a pdf version of one chapter from the book “Diverse Society/Diverse Classroom”. If schools or organisations register 10 participants or more they will get a 25% discount.

Registration: gudrun@ici.is


Day 1

Multiculturalism / Interculturalism
The idea of monoculture and its impact on stereotypes and prejudice
Why discussions about prejudice, discrimination and racism?
Diverse societies – focus on the advantages

Day 2

Stereotypes to discrimination and everyday racism and discrimination
Lectures and group work tasks improving the awareness of different manifestations and consequences

Day 3

What can we do?
Different approaches focusing on approaches against racism and discrimination
Discussing individual reactions when witnessing discrimination and racism